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Your drains have to work very hard daily, channeling dirty water away from your home into the mainline. No matter how hard you try to make sure that only water gets dumped into the sink, however, it is inevitable that other objects will accidentally escape into the drain. This means that bits of food, soap scum, mineral deposits, and other undesirable substances collect in your pipes, causing a clog or even a burst pipe. To get your drain back in working order, speak to our techs at Roques Plumbing about thorough drain repair in Camarillo.

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The Signs That Your Drain Has Collapsed

One of the most frustrating situations for anyone who owns a house or business is having a collapsed drain. When your drain collapses, the disrupted water flow can be directed to many places, harming the integrity of your floors and walls, or causing water damage to your valuables. It is important to contact plumbers as quickly as possible so that they can repair the internal lining of your pipes. If the section is more extensively corroded, it may need to be replaced with a more secure pipe section altogether.

A few of the many signs that your drains have completely collapsed include:

  • Having clogs regularly, no matter how careful you are about what goes down the drain
  • Experiencing sewage coming back up your toilets or being spread about in the yard
  • Suffering from an increase of pests drawn to the rotten food in the drain, like roaches or rats

What Could Be Causing My Drain to Malfunction?

Residents often wish that there was just one kind of problem that they could look out for when it comes to their drains, but this is unfortunately not the case, since several things could go wrong with your hardworking drain. One of the most common issues occurs in what is known as the “P-trap,” which is the curved or “bendy” portion of the pipe, commonly located right below the sink. The P-trap is designed in this shape to keep unpleasant smells of rotting food and waste from coming back up through the drains. However, because the pipe is not straight, the P-trap tends to collect a lot of unwanted debris and gunk. If too much accumulates, it will cause a nasty clog within the drain.

Another common issue is corrosion. Your pipe will naturally corrode over time due to the collection of mineral deposits within it, but this process is sped along when cleaners are dumped down the drain. Since over-the-counter drain “cleaners” contain harmful chemicals that eat away at the lining, it would be a better idea to just speak to Roques Plumbing right away when you have a drain issue.

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